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Accountability & Feedback
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MY DATE TO CREATE  is a weekly, scheduled meeting over Zoom where you ensure that you work on your writing, songwriting or creative project for one hour. An optional prompt is given for the songwriters. Everyone is on mute (video on or off), working at the same time. It’s followed by an optional opportunity to share some work and get feedback from peers. It’s an accountability tool that ensures that you create on a weekly basis, and gives you some sense of how your work is resonating with other people. 

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What's the secret to being prolific?

One hour, once a week is all you need to push past resistance and get going. Showing up consistently is the KEY! Once you're on a roll you may want to dedicate much more time to creating!

No shortcuts, no false promises. The 'secret' to being a good writer, artist etc. is that if you do more of it you will get better at it.


MY DATE TO CREATE offers the support, accountability, peer feedback and community you need to get the work done. 


All of us have every good intention of creating on a regular basis, but somehow work, chores, kids and minor to-do list items get in the way. We feel an unconscious resistance to creating precisely because it’s so important to us. What if we do it wrong? What if what we create is bad? What if we’re too old or it’s too late? We’re scared, we’re tired, we’re not in the mood. Lots of uncomfortable feelings can come up around creativity that cause us to regularly skip out on doing what we know we're meant to do.


We need a hack. We need a nudge. We need some feedback. We need a group of friends that will pressure us to hold ourselves accountable. We need an actual, on the calendar, weekly DATE TO CREATE.

MY DATE TO CREATE makes sure you get:


  • 1 hour of creative time that you know you’ll do each week

  • A weekly one-word prompt (optional) for those that want to work on a new song each week

  • Weekly feedback on your creative work from your peers on the call 

  • Optional smaller accountability group over WhatsApp

  • A broader Facebook community with resources around tapping into creativity, overcoming creative blocks, suggestions for writing prompts, and a place for people to talk shop and celebrate their wins

  • The confidence to self-identify as an artist or creator

  • A growing feeling of competence in your own skills and pride in your ability to stick to working towards your goals

  • Better at your craft and therefore closer to your internal goals (feeling grounded and good about yourself) and external goals (getting your creations into the world and earning money)

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How does it actually work?

Right now there are two sessions to choose from (Mondays 7:30 - 9:30pm PST, Tuesdays 12 -2pm PST). You only sign up for one of them. At the appointed time we hop on a zoom call. We take attendance on our spreadsheet. We’re trying to create a system to ensure that you create regularly, but no shame if you have to miss the odd night—life happens—so we’re keeping the incentive positive rather than negative. A listening session every 2 months for songwriters. For non-music writers, I'm still working on coming up with the right incentive - open to ideas!


As people arrive and do attendance, we take a minute to make sure we’re ready and have our tools. Notebook? Tea? Guitar? Computer ready with software open? Whatever it is you need. I provide a song-writing prompt for any songwriters in the group who want one. Then I read a quote and/or lead a 3 minute meditation to help everyone get settled and in touch with their sensations and emotions. 


Everyone including me mutes themselves and we all work on our creative project (songwriting, writing, producing, crafting) for 1 hour. Feel free to turn your video off if you prefer. 


Once the hour is over I let everyone know. If you’re deep in the flow you can log off Zoom and keep going on your own. 


If you’re ready to be with others, we’ll have breakout rooms of 3 - 4 people where you can share some of your work. Each group will decide on a timekeeper (groups will be random and different each week). 


Everyone gets 5 minutes to share and receive feedback. You can share what you were working on that day or something you’ve worked on previously, or you can just listen and give feedback if that’s what you feel like that week.


We say goodbye and meet again next week!



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Who runs this thing?

My name is Elaine Ryan. I’ve been a singer-songwriter for 18 years. I’ve had a weekly creative practice for the past two years and have written over 100 songs during that time, many of which I’ve recorded and released. I’m the co-founder of Unicorn Sync, a music licensing agency as well as the non-profit initiative, Sync Music for a Change. I meditate daily and have a deep interest in the role creativity plays in improving mental health.


Creator's Credo

We acknowledge that there is no silver bullet to success and that nothing can replace putting in the time to create. We know that creativity is its own currency and reward. We create for our own mental wellness and happiness as much as for external rewards. We recognize that the more we create the better we get, and the better we get the easier it will be to achieve our goals in the world.


Contact Elaine

Have questions about My Date to Create, or interested in joining? Please reach out — I'm happy to help.

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