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Accountability Groups

Accountability groups are an additional feature of My Date to Create, that provide support over WhatsApp, outside the weekly session. We’re keeping them small (4 - 5 people) to make sure nobody gets lost in the shuffle. You can choose one friend to be in your accountability group. Please send me an email at mselaineryan@gmail.com if there’s someone you’d like to be in an accountability group with, and put Accountability Group in the subject line. Please CC your friend on the email, and make sure you’ve discussed it with them beforehand. If there are 3 or 4 people you want to be in a group with, let me (and them) know and I’ll do my best. You'll get sent a WhatsApp link to join your group.

Setting Up Your Accountability Group

  1. Choose a Facilitator - this person is responsible for reminding the Chairs to switchover, and nudging the Chair to check in with the group if they forget (feel free to use a private WhatsApp message to do this). They also check in with Elaine if their group has any questions or issues.

  2. Decide on the group’s first Rotating Monthly Chairperson - responsible for checking in every week on Friday or Sunday over WhatsApp to ask how people are doing with the work this week. 

  3. Come up with a cooler name for your accountability group and rename it in WhatsApp.

Some ideas of questions for the Chair to ask once a week:

  • Does anyone have a creative struggle they want to share?

  • Does anyone have work they want to share just for enjoyment?

  • Does anyone have something they want specific feedback on?

We’re all busy, but in the spirit of reciprocity, everyone in the group should do their best to carve out a few minutes each week to read/listen/look and give some quick feedback to your small group.

The Chair is also responsible for organizing one Zoom session that month with the smaller group for longer feedback. 

Recommendations for Extended Feedback Session:

  • Allow for 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes, depending on the size of your group so that each person has 15 minutes for feedback. The Chair that month provides the Zoom link to the group through WhatsApp. If you have a free Zoom account you’ll get stopped after 40 minutes. Someone else in the group will then need to send a new Zoom link for people to join on. If this is the case, the Chair coordinates this turnover at the start of the meeting or beforehand.

  • The Chair is responsible for using a timer for feedback. We all have the best of intentions about sticking to our time limit but sometimes we get excited about our project and it’s easier to run overtime. More people are more likely to stick with this program if it respects their time.

  • The Chair should allow each person 15 minutes for discussion of their work. People can share something beforehand and then use the 15 minutes to get feedback. Whatever is shared in advance for this monthly session should not take more than 5-10 minutes to listen to or read. 

The current Chair is responsible for asking the WhatsApp group for a new volunteer to be the Chair the following month. The position of Chair should rotate so as to encourage full engagement from the whole group. If you're not used to leading, now's your chance to give it a try! The responsibilities pass to the next Chair on the first Monday of the following month.